Nadine Jolie Courtney

Nadine Jolie Courtney

Nadine Jolie Courtney is an LA-based freelance writer and editor covering luxury travel. Regular beats include spa & beauty, wine & whiskey, and royalty & society.

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Fancy casinos article
T & C

The 23 Fanciest Casinos Around the World | Town + Country

From Macau to Monaco, these casinos are the most over-the-top places to gamble on earth. | Town + Country online

Ritz article
T & C

10 Surprising Facts About the Ritz Paris - Town + Country

In 1898, hotelier Cesar Ritz created the most luxurious property the world had ever seen. Here, a look at how it lives on today. | Town + Country online

Sorority article
T & C

The Most Prestigious Sororities in America | Town + Country

Late-night bonding. Secret rituals. Lifelong friendships. The privilege of living in an incredible house. To many, the feeling of sisterhood that comes with joining a sorority is invaluable. | Town + Country online

Oahu article
T & C

T+C Travel Guide: Oahu, Hawaii | Town + Country

Where to stay, dine, shop, and relax on Hawaii's most-visited island. | Town & Country

Queen noor article
T & C

11 American Women Who Became Princesses | Town + Country

Meghan Markle is the latest in a long line of American girls who've captivated a foreign royal. | Town & Country online

Four seasons article
T & C

How To Stay at Four Seasons Resorts For Less Than $350 Per Night | Town + Country

From Johannesburg to Nevis, here are 17 Four Seasons properties that won't break the bank. | Town & Country online

Presidential retreats article
T & C

19 Presidential Retreats Where You Can Visit and Stay | Town + Country

From Trump to Taft, Clinton to Cleveland, we've rounded up the retreats most beloved by Commanders-in-Chief during their moments of downtime. | Town & Country online

Bruges article
T & C

The Best Luxury Relais and Chateaux Hotel Bargains | Town + Country

There are a select number of Relais & Chateaux properties that offer their trademark one-of-a-kind hotel experience for as little as $300 per night. | Town & Country

F scott article
T & C

F. Scott Fitzgerald's French Riviera Favorite Places | Town + Country

Vacation like the famous writer and his family at these eight hotels nestled along the French Riviera. | Town & Country

Perfumes article
T & C

Famous Women's Favorite Perfume | Town & Country

From Audrey Hepburn to Jackie Kennedy, here are 14 style icons and their signature scents. | Town & Country

Thanksgiving article
T & C

20 Beautiful Hotels Where You Can Spend Thanksgiving | Town & Country

Need a last-minute escape from your loved ones? These beautiful hotels will make you grateful you don't have to cook the turkey. | Town & Country

Dogs article
T & C

The Fanciest Dog Breeders Around the Country | Town & Country

The Fanciest Dog Breeders Around the Country | Town & Country

Townandcountry article
T & C

These Pre-Schools Are the Ivy-League of Early Education | Town & Country

Forget university; the most frenzied applications are being filled out right now in open-concept kitchens and wood-paneled dining rooms from Nob Hill to the Upper East Side. It's fall, which means one thing: preschool application time. | Town & Country

Ivy league secret socieites article
T & C

Secret Societies of the Ivy League | Town &Country

From Yale's secret societies to the eating clubs at Princeton, these are the ultra-elite institutions within some of America's top universities.‚Äč | Town & Country

Caesars article
T & C

How Caesars Palace Became a Las Vegas Icon | Town & Country

Caesars Palace celebrates its 50th anniversary on the Las Vegas strip | Town & Country